Monday, February 23, 2009

Why American TV sucks sometimes and other countries shows can get away with murder.........almost....

So around a year and a half ago i found a clip of a show on youtube that got me interested. It was about a teen drama set in the UK and it seemed like something that the CW would carry. I know, at this point you are probobly asking, what the hell is he doing watching some stupid sappy show that is for teens. Well i will have to stop you there, and the reason is because once i saw the first episode I was hooked. I can also say that the other people that I have turned on to this show have loved it and are now addicted as well.

When it comes to British television they are very liberal in their restrictions of what can and cannot be shown. In this show, which is broadcast on E4, the equivilent of a cable or satelite channel here in the states, it contains many issues that teens deal with such as sex, drugs, and school. The setting is College for the group and they are all taking their A-Levels. The gamut in which the characters portray is diverse. You have the popular guys, the pretty girls, slouchy sidekicks and different lifestyles. It does really give a look into a modern day teen life. Now i will say that most teens wouldn't have this much drama in their life much less a year but im sure that some folks have had hard times. But the show does touch on some serious issues set aside the drugs and underage sex that runs rampant in the series.

The first series of this show was a basic introduction to the characters. All in all there was Tony, Sid, Michelle, Jal, Chris, Maxxie, Anwar and Cassie. Each episode centers around a character and part of their story. It displays why they are who they are and gives insight to the deep characterization that the writers created. The way the series runs eventually builds to a more story based show than a character based show.

The second series debuted with rave reviews from the press and the public because of the cliff hanger ending that finalized the first season in all its glory. Having developed the character base from the first season the show was able to expound on the overall story and how the lives of the teens came to be and intertwined from that point on. This series was sad to say the least. It touches on issues that are less youth related and more adult related. This series really brought out the drama aspect of the show. It created a reason to love the characters.

At this point i know this is all just ramblings but it truly is a good show. The third series has just started and we need to see where it goes. I cant really give too much out because it would ruin everything. All i can say is WATCH IT....if you can. I know that it can be found on torrents but I also know that the first series has been released on DVD in the states. If you can get past the british accents and the sappy teen angst the stories are genuine and the series brings an old idea to the scene in a new way. Its edgy and definately not appropriate at most times but its real. Very few shows on TV are this legit.

Friday, February 13, 2009

The Big Small World I live in...........

I thought today about what I was going to write and I figured i would start with what's new.  Or i guess i should say with what has changed.  I have realized that life is a bigger picture than school or friends or jobs.  I think that everyone gets to a point in their life that they realize that we no longer follow the patterns set forth by "adults" or "the man" and we begin to make our own.  Its something that you don't realize happens and it doesn't happen over night.  Its a slow progress that occurs until one day its done and you view things completely different.  I would like to think that I am a pretty good judge of my surroundings and have always been level headed when interpreting life.  I also hope that I have made an impression on those that I care about and love.  If i have not then I think I have failed to meet my first goal in life.  
The second thing that I realized is that the people that you meet in life no matter how big or small of a role in your life they play, they will always leave something with you.  It is crazy how small of a world it really is.  For example, while i was interning at SWA I went with some friends to Disney in Orlando and while we were there it just so happened that one of the people that we were meeting was in class with me at UTA.  I had seen the guy but we had never talked.  I figured what a coincidence but the more i think about it its crazy how things change when you are no longer a child.
Another example is that I recently contacted a friend of mine from when i was young.  I remember when we would hang out, of course we were about 9 or 10 at the time, so hanging out was not the what it is today.  But none the less he moved and after about 16 years I finally decided to find him.  Sure enough after a little digging I found a hopeful email and sure enough it worked.  Now we are talking again and its cool.  I cant believe that after all this time we caught up.  
I know this all sounds a little gay and sappy but its true.  People go through life and they think that they have their clique and their jobs and weekly adventures but they don't seem to remember how they got there.  Now i don't want it to seem like you should dwell on the past but just remember what lead you to this place.  I just never took the time to really pay attention i guess.  Ok well enough of this crap.  Too many tangents to digress to.  In the future i will try to refrain from the in depth things.  

Thursday, February 12, 2009

So yesterday we released a special marketing campaign with Sports Illustrated by skinning a plane with a pic of a very hot model.  From what i have heard it will be on for about a month.  Apparently there are many people who feel this is not tasteful and very shameful of us to put up.  I guess i can understand the comments and frustrations.  It wouldn't be fair of me to dismiss the people as idiots.  But i will say that I don't understand the people who are just plain hateful of the whole situation.  After reading comments on the Southwest blog and Dallas Morning News i cant believe how mean some people are.  I guess its a sign of the times.    Not to say that I'm as saint or anything but i guess I am just much more accepting of things.  Perhaps its my age or the times that I grew up in but I cant see why that is such a bad thing.  If you look at TV or movies there is violence and sex left and right and now one ever says anything about those, its just considered art.  Oh well, fuck it i guess.  People can say what they want.  The main reason it pisses me off is because people call into our offices bitching and it just makes no sense.  Rant done......

On other news, I will be moving soon and its not soon enough.  Though the new place is right down the street i feel like I'm moving across the country.  But as stressed as I am, I just want it to be done with.  What I'm happy about is I have a lot of new things, so i don't have to move as much shit.  Much of it is going to friends or family and some is going to good will.  Once its all said and done I think I will feel much better.  

Well another day down, many more to go.....................

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

First time in....

So, this is my first official post on this thing.  I dont think that many of my ideas will really matter to alot of people but i guess I dont care really.  Most of my posts will probly contain movie reviews or music reviews or just random thoughts about life and work.  Today will just be this though.  I will be moving soon so I may not have alot of time for this.  Once that is done though I will make it a point to be back.  This is adios for now though................