Friday, February 13, 2009

The Big Small World I live in...........

I thought today about what I was going to write and I figured i would start with what's new.  Or i guess i should say with what has changed.  I have realized that life is a bigger picture than school or friends or jobs.  I think that everyone gets to a point in their life that they realize that we no longer follow the patterns set forth by "adults" or "the man" and we begin to make our own.  Its something that you don't realize happens and it doesn't happen over night.  Its a slow progress that occurs until one day its done and you view things completely different.  I would like to think that I am a pretty good judge of my surroundings and have always been level headed when interpreting life.  I also hope that I have made an impression on those that I care about and love.  If i have not then I think I have failed to meet my first goal in life.  
The second thing that I realized is that the people that you meet in life no matter how big or small of a role in your life they play, they will always leave something with you.  It is crazy how small of a world it really is.  For example, while i was interning at SWA I went with some friends to Disney in Orlando and while we were there it just so happened that one of the people that we were meeting was in class with me at UTA.  I had seen the guy but we had never talked.  I figured what a coincidence but the more i think about it its crazy how things change when you are no longer a child.
Another example is that I recently contacted a friend of mine from when i was young.  I remember when we would hang out, of course we were about 9 or 10 at the time, so hanging out was not the what it is today.  But none the less he moved and after about 16 years I finally decided to find him.  Sure enough after a little digging I found a hopeful email and sure enough it worked.  Now we are talking again and its cool.  I cant believe that after all this time we caught up.  
I know this all sounds a little gay and sappy but its true.  People go through life and they think that they have their clique and their jobs and weekly adventures but they don't seem to remember how they got there.  Now i don't want it to seem like you should dwell on the past but just remember what lead you to this place.  I just never took the time to really pay attention i guess.  Ok well enough of this crap.  Too many tangents to digress to.  In the future i will try to refrain from the in depth things.  

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